How To Discover Your Talent (+13 Practical Examples That Work)

How To Pick A Profitable Blog Niche That Makes Money (+9 Most Profitable Blog Niche With Examples)

You find yourself more and more frequently wandering in another world. A world where you are a successful blogger.

Still, when you open your eyes, you are yet again in the office, behind the bar, or selling the same products in the same shop, on the same corner. Again. And again. And again.

The answer is simple. There is one single reason for you to still wait for success.

You are waiting for it.

You are not moving toward it.

You are not struggling enough.

In fact, the only struggle you are going through is the fact you are still unsure of a niche that is right for you. But what did you expect? Your ideas won’t come to reality if you don’t work for them in the real world.

Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow.

I admit it. Blogging is easier in terms of investment but it is a lot harder in terms of choosing a right topic and a perfect blog name.

It can be confusing. It is confusing.

But what if there was a blueprint for you to follow. What if someone was about to tell you the first steps, you have to take.

What if instead of waiting, and dreaming, by following these steps, you could really become the successful blogger you wish to be.

Note that it is not a kid’s play. But if you put the efforts needed, it is possible.

I believe you want to examine those first steps in blogging business.

The first step you will take in starting a blog that makes money is CHOOSING A PROFITABLE BLOG NICHE.

A blog niche is a particular selected topic area that your blog will be all about. In another word, it is a particular topic area on which you focus all your blog contents.

Selecting a good blog niche could be the deciding factor that determines the future success (or failure) of your blog.

While some bloggers simply write about whatever comes into their minds, that’s not a great strategy for long-term success.

If you want your blog to eventually generate income, you need to pick a blog niche (what your blog will be all about) in order to establish what your readers should expect from you.

How Broad Or Narrow A Blog Niche Should Be ?

As you know that a blog niche is essentially the specific market that you are targeting with the content on your blog.

A good blog niche should be specific enough that you’re not trying to reach the masses and gives you an authority on your blog contents.

Here is an example:

  • Broad Niche: Marketing
  • More Specific Niche: Affiliate Marketing

Generally, the more specific you get with your niche, the more passionate your followers will be.

But remember that, if your niche is TOO specific, you will reach fewer people.

Factors Affecting Choosing A Right Blog Niche

To choose a blog niche,

These are some factors that you need to consider before venture into any blog niche.

Factor 1: Interest

The very first thing is to have interest in a particular topic or area you want to start a blog about.
You must firstly love the topic. If you don’t love the topic, you will quickly run out of idea. You shouldn’t even start a blog if you don’t love what you will be blogging about.

  Under this, there are few questions you need to ask yourself:
1) Am I interested enough in this blog niche ?
2) Would I be happy to be associated with this blog niche ?
3) Do I really like this topic area ?
4) Is this part of what I am dreaming of ?
5) Am I ready to develop more passion for this niche ?

Factor 2: Knowledge

Once you have interest in the topic and you like to be tagged to that niche.
The second thing that you should have before starting a blog is the basic knowledge about the subject of the niche on which you are starting blog.

As your basic knowledge will help you write effective content in the beginning and as time passes, you can study that topic further to know more about it and gain more knowledge.

Or better you can also do some research on what others blogs are doing in the same niche to come up with more posts ideas.

Under this, there are few questions you need to ask yourself:
1) How will I gain more knowledge on this topic ?
2) Do I know enough about this blog niche ?
3) Can I write at least 50 ideas for blog post in this niche ?
4) How can I be feeding my audience with quality content ?
5) Is there any post idea source for me, like eBook, forum, group and so on.
6) Do I have any knowledge or experience that can help me stand out from other bloggers on the same topic? 7) Do people trust/respect my opinion enough to listen to what I blog about.

Factor 3: Passion

You should be passionate about a topic because being a blogger you will have to consistently post content around the same topic.

If you will not have an interest or passionate about your work, you will not feel like writing after a few posts.
As you are learning that topic and acquiring some knowledge on it, you will be developing a passion naturally for that topic.

This will be a driven force that will help you to research more on your niche.
  Under this, there are few questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Do I enjoy learning about this topic ?

2) Can I write about this niche all day?

3) Do I enjoy sharing information with others on this subject that needs to be told?

To cut it short, think about what your family and friends come to you for when seeking advice.

It might be heath, fitness, recipes, or relationship advice. You know best.

You can also think of any skill you have already learnt like graphics, copywriting or marketing.

Factor 4: Profitable

This is a very important aspect. A blogging niche should be profitable. There should be adequate demand for the topic you want to start a blog on and also there should be some ways to monetize the same.

Though you can monetize any niche if you have some skills, still you can consider some top profitable niches to get an idea about your niche.

You may feel like doing something whereas people out there are not really interested in it.

You can do a quick Google search to find out if people are really searching for your topic.

Under this, there are few questions you need to ask yourself:
1) Are others interested in my chosen niche ?
2) Is there any paying audience for this niche?
3) How many people are searching for this blog niche ?
4) Is this niche likely to be found around for years to come ?
5) Is there a moderate amount of competition (or more) in this niche ?
6) Does my niche suits evergreen content (Content that can still be valuable over couple of years)
7) Is there any product I can be selling or promoting in this niche ?
8) What kind of traffic can you bring in from your chosen niche?
9) What is the best way to make money blogging for this niche (e.g., affiliate products, ads)?

Factor 5: Competition

Under this, there are few questions you need to ask yourself:
1) How much competition is there already and do any big competitors have a lot more authority than you ?
2) Can you beat them or partner with them instead?
3) What kind of thing can I offer that my competitors are no offering ?
4) Any any space I can fill in this competitive niche ?
5) How will I narrow down my topic so that I quickly become authority in my niche ?

Factor 6:  Time/Resources needed.

Under this, there are few questions you need to ask yourself:
1) Does it require lots of research & preparation before being able to create content ?
2) Will it take less time or become harder to work on new posts each week ?
3) How often do I need creating on a regular basis ?
4) Do I have all the tools I’ll need like photo editing software, video camera, etc ?

So consider these 6 important factors before coming up with a blog niche.

Tips To Discover Your Talented Blog Niche.

Listen to others

Those around you usually know what your talents are. They can tell you what your talents are or give you an idea of what you love to do during casual conversations without asking them.

They tell you what you’re good at. Have you ever heard them saying, let’s talk to Francis; he can do this without stress.

Have you also heard the saying, let us study him/her? Yes, you can actually study an individual to discover their hidden talents and capabilities. So it’s important you listen to them.

Determine what is easy

If you have things you find super easy doing, you need to urgently look into those areas.

Yes, you heard me right. That you can easily draft a catchy sales email, write a compelling article, talk to people about their relationship on how to make it work, convince a customer to buy a product, dribble your peers in a football field, make people laugh out their asses when you talk without sweating about it, then you are closer to finding your talented niche.

What you enjoy most

What are those things you seem to not getting enough of? Look into those areas too.

Those tangible things you do most during your free periods apart from playing Candy Crush or Ludo King online (lol, those are the online games I play apart from my number one board game, scrabble).

Do you reflect on your environment, gets emotional and writing short posts on social media on how your environment can be better?

Do you go out during your free periods to help the helpless or to fight for those that are marginalised?

Maybe your voice is what your society need for that change to happen.

Do you enjoy cracking jokes during chats with friends or in a family gathering? Have you ever been told?

Hey Genius, you’re  a very funny dude, why are you wasting your time with that organisation; you should be on the stage making people laugh.

Hey Kenny, you can bake like hell, could you please bake for my birthday tomorrow? And you reply with joy, why not, I love baking and love seeing people cut my cake on their special day, it gives me joy, just get me floor, milk and sugar and I will do it within an hour, I have every other ingredients.

Specific Subjects you love

You could be an educationist, Professor in the making. You love Chemistry so much, when you got little time; you are drawing patterns, reading up new thesis, challenging new research and coming up with yours.

Discussing about Chemistry and latest elements discovered, not happy to hear someone failed chemistry and ready to offer to teach anyone chemistry for free just to make sure s/he passes his next exam, then you could be a teacher in the making.

A friend once asked his other friend on a Facebook wall that “If readers are leaders, what are writers?” And I answered him, “writers are builders”.

I also think that teachers are builders. They build and shape the destinies of their students.

Just ask

Ask anyone you know that knows you very well, maybe a friend or family member what they think you can do best.

Your talents could be hidden within there assertions. They know you very well and know what you’re capable of.

Ask them to ignore your negative sides and tell you the positive areas you are impacting their lives.

It could be that you offer them the best advice in times of crises or that you have a way of making things that are hard to look very easy.

It could also be that they enjoying seeing your casual paintings, designs or love reading your social posts on social media.

It could be just about anything but because someone somewhere love that thing about you is a sign you are inching closer to discovering your talent.

Remember, the most important person to ask about your talent niche apart from your close friends and family members is your maker, God. He made you and can tell you why he made you.

9 Best Blog Niches That Make Money

1) Personal finance: including issues increasing income, reducing expenses, investin, getting out of debt, responsibly using credit cards.

Investing and navigating the stock market, frugal living, minimalism small business marketing advice, tax tips, digital advertising, sales coaching.

This is a popular category that can be targeted using affiliate links or paid sponsorship because people are always looking for information on how to make more money, pay off debt, and manage their personal finances

2) Health and wellness: which covers a huge range of areas, like weight loss, mental health, alternative therapies.

Healthy eating & nutrition, general healthy and wellness, spirituality, meditation, yoga
Recipes and meal prep tutorials, exploring restaurants in your city area.

Running, hiking, trekking, camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, biking, skating.

3) Parenting: including parenting at different stages: babies, toddlers, school kids, teens, adult kids, plus different parenting methods.

Raising children abroad, solo parenting, advice for fathers (or mothers).

4) Self-improvement: which could be targeted at different age groups (e.g. college students, mid-life professionals, retirees) or at different philosophies or styles.

Also like book reviews, productivity, career advice, interview tips
Relationships, marriage advice, psychology, science, physics, astronomy and more.

5) Business and Marketing

Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their online presence and make more money.

If you have a strong understanding of marketing, SEO or anything related then consider creating content that can help businesses market themselves better.

Common Niche Under Business and Marketing

It could incorporate your technical skills into writing about topics like how to make a website, what the best website builders, seach engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and more.

6) Travel and Adventure
Travel is another one of the best blog niches that make money in Nigeria.

People love to travel and explore new places so blogging about your experiences can be a great way to make money.

This means you get paid for travelling somewhere while doing what you enjoy most!
Common Niches Under Travel & Adventure.
It includes backpacking, luxury hotel tours, solo traveling, sightseeing Europe (travel blogging).

7) Fitness: this includes weightlifting, endurance sports, training for athletic events.
Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golfing, tennis, volleyball, hockey.

Technology and Gaming
People are always looking for the latest in new technology and gaming.

If you have a strong background in these areas then consider creating content that explores how to make better use of them—especially if it benefits your audience (like with affiliate links).

8). Food
People are always looking for new recipes, cooking tips, latest healthy food, food vitamins and more.

9) Influencing: this includes
Action movie critiques, popular tv show discussions (like Game of Thrones).

Possible Ways Of Making Money Blogging

Here are some proven ways you can monetize a profitable blog niche to make money:

1) Affiliate programs: Where you promote products made and sold by others and earn a commission from each sale.

2) Blog advertisements: Where you display ads about related products on your blog, and you can earn money two ways: from the ad placement and affiliate revenues from clicks on the ad.

3) Sponsored blog content: Where you earn a fee from a company for writing a post that’s about them or their products.

4) Writing (and selling) ebooks: Where you write and sell your ebook on a related topic to your blog.

5) Sell online courses: Where you create and sell a course that teaches your readers how to do something (perfect for any how to blog).

6) Physical products: Where you create products that you sell, either via dropshipping or starting an online store to sell your own products.

7) Selling your services: Where you leverage your expertise and skills to your audience, such as consulting or coaching.

8) Sponsored Content: Where you are paid by brands/companies in exchange for writing about them/ their product/ service.

If you are able to get enough traffic onto your website, it can be an excellent way to bring in money without having to rely too much on ads or affiliate links (which take time before they start bringing in income).

Conclusion on Picking A Right Blogging Niche

If you are knowledgeable about something and there are chances to monetize the same but not passionate about it then it’s not worth making a blog on that niche.

Again, if you are passionate about something and have enough knowledge but there is not enough demand and chances of making money from it, then it’s not worth to get started with.

In my case, I started a blog around blog building and marketing because I have knowledge in web design and content marketing especially building a WordPress website.

In your case, you may know about technology, sports, fitness, games, finance, and so on.

So just think about it, what you are knowledgeable about, do some research, what is the demand for that, what are the ways available to make money from that niche.

So do some brainstorming, explore the above-mentioned niches, and come up with an appropriate niche.

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