Things to do before you go and register for your JAMB UTME.

Registration for JAMB’s 2024 UTME has just commenced and there are some things you absolutely must do before you proceed to an accredited centre to register for the exam.

The registration will last until 26th February 2024 and this checklist is crucial to avoid unnecessary issues you may encounter at the accredited registration centre.

The content of this publication will guide you on the requirements you must have fulfilled before proceeding to the registration centre so you don’t waste time, and resources and not achieve what you set out to do. If you have already accomplished the items listed below, then proceed to; JAMB 2024 UTME/DE registration – step-by-step application guide.

7 things to do before you go and register for your JAMB UTME.

1. Get your National Identification Number (NIN): Based on previous reports, NIN may likely be a compulsory requirement for the UTME/DE registration. In case you do not have yours yet and you intend to register for the UTME/DE, we advise you quickly get it ready.

2. Create your JAMB registration profile code: A ten-character profile code is now required by JAMB before any candidates can be successfully registered for UTME. To generate the profile code, you are required to send your NIN, through a registered phone number to a provided shortcode. You are advised to create your profile code before registration begins to enable you to avoid the rush and prevent anxiety.


3. Know The Course You Want To Study: Deciding on the course you intend to study is one of the things you should do now before registration begins. This is because you need time to think before settling on a career/course. You shouldn’t just pick any course. It has to be a course you have passion as well as an academic aptitude for. Please note that for a successful registration, you should have alternative (2nd choice) courses in mind.

4. Know the School You Intend to Apply to: Just like in choosing a course, you need to equally know beforehand the institution you want to apply for. Your criteria in choosing one should be based on whether the school offers the course you intend to study, the admission requirements of the school, the school fees as well as other personal preferences e.g location etc. Please note that for a successful registration, you should have a choice each for other institutions such as polytechnic or college of education.

5. Know the subject combination for your course: Many students make this mistake by choosing the wrong subject combinations for their course. If you want to avoid any form of mistake, use “The JAMB Brochure”, to see the required subject combination for the various courses before registration begins. Remember, that choosing the wrong one can jeopardize your chances of gaining admission.

6. Ask for Guidance: If for any reason you are confused and need guidance may be regarding the choice of course or school, UTME/O’level subject combination then you should ask for proper guidance for you not to jopardize your chances of gaining admission.

7. Study very early: start studying now and don’t just study hard, learn to study smart. By now you should know that a good number of JAMB past questions are repeated every year.

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