9 Effective Ways To Make Money Blogging 2022

How To Make Money Blogging: Proven Ways

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I am sharing with you 9 evergreen ways to earn money from a website or blog.You may have been wondering on how you are going to earn money from your blog.

As a blogger there are many ways and methods you can use but here we have 9 Evergreen Ways that can be guaranteed you of earning money from your website.

No.1 Through An Affiliate Program.

Affiliate program is one of the most ways many blogger earn through their website or blog.What do I mean by Affiliate ?

Affiliate marketing program is when a blogger establishes a connection with a company and then promotes that company’s products and services on his blog or website.

How it works.

When you register for an affiliate program from a company,you will be given a unique URL known as an affiliation link to the company’s website. When any of your visitors buy the company’s products through that affiliate link,you will receive a commission.
Commissions are given to the blogger in a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount per sale sometimes usually depending on the amount of product bought by your visitors.

How To Get Started

Check the following companies affiliation marketing program.

No.2 Through Advertisements

Bloggers also make money through various advertisement programs starting from Google AdSense to Other companies like Media.

This is when a blogger displays advertisement for company’s products and Advertisement may be in form of ads banners,e-flyers,logos,text etc.

How It Works

What you need is just to register for advertisement program from companies.For example, Google AdSense, Google Adsense is a good way to start earning money online when you are first starting out. What you need to do is to add a script from Google to your website and start displaying ads.
You will get paid for every time a user clicks on the ads. These are called CPC ads and another one is CPM ads.

What is CPC? CPC stands for “cost per click.” By displaying CPC ads with Google Adsense, you will be paid every time a visitor clicks on an ads.

What is CPM? CPM stands for “cost per thousand impressions.” By displaying CPM ads, you will be paid when visitors view the ads.

How To Get Started

Check the following sites for advertisement programs.

No.3 Through Sponsored Posts

This is another way of making money from your blog or website. Here you will partner with advertisers and help them promote their products inside your blog.

How it Works

The below are the steps you need to take

1)Create a page

2)Showcase you traffic stats in the page.

3)Your Audience Infos

4)Your Social Media Followers

5)Then Negotiate with the company

You will be paid by these companies when you represent, promote,advertise their products. TheYou amount to be paid to you is Negotiable.

Sometimes the company may ask you to do the reviews for their products that is related to your niche.

You may receive sponsorship for any of the following:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Reviews

How To Get Started

You can find some sponsored contents through the following Influencer networks





No.4 By Selling Online Courses

This is another great way of monetization whereby a blogger create an online course either from scratch or from his old blog posts and convert it to either video ,audio or text.

When he convert it to video can lead to video blogging (vlog)
When he convert it to audio can lead to audio blogging (podcast).

How It Works

Just try to figure out the best way you can use to deliver your course online after creation. If it’s video ,you have to get a good cameras or a good smartphone with Sharped and clean camera.

If it’s audio you have to get a good mouthpiece so that the voice is heard clearly by the listeners.

How To Get Started

You can upload your course on the following for monetization.

No.5 Offer Freelance Services.

If you can write very well and fast as much as possible I.e you are personate with writing or you have writing skills.

It is not limited to writing but you can also offer coding service if you understand some script language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js,PHP and so on.

You can also get Freelance work in Graphics design.

How It Works

You can apply for a freelance work by contacting the employers directly or creating a page in your website to showcase your skills and explain what they can hire you for.

How To Get Started

Visit any of the following

1) Uber

2) Sfimg

No.6 Write A Book Or EBook For Sale.

As a blogger you can write a book about anything you have in depth knowledge about. But it is recommended to write a book or an ebook on a topic that relates to your niche so that you can sell those materials on your website yourself.

You can charge any amount you think your efforts worth. There are some sites where you can sell your books or your ebooks but to have full control over your books and to avoid Middleman, it is recommended to sell them on your blog.

You can also recommend those ebooks to your visitors after they have read your post if they are interested in buying it.

How To Get Started

• Sell them yourself through your blog(recommended)

• Sell them on another popular site like Udemy,Play Store etc.

No.7 Develop And Sell Themes And Templates.

This is very lucrative when you know how to code,Then you can use your knowledge to create Web themes,Plugins, Templates and some frameworks.

How It Works

All what you need is to place your pre-builts layouts, themes,templates and frameworks on your site for sale if it’s relates to you niche,if not create another website to sell all those products.

Also You can venture to Graphics and sell it on your website

How To Get Started

Creative Market

Theme Forest

WordPress Directory

No.8 Become An Online Tutor.

Here you can start tutorial on how-tos, web design,Cms Tutorial like WordPress, Joomla, Blogger.

You can also do tutorials on your field of work.

How It Works

The first thing I will introduce to you is to create :

1)Resisted Member Only Contents

2)And Free Online Tutorials

The free version is to showcase basic level of the lectures or subject you are delivering and the advanced part of the learning could be used for Monetization.

Another way is to do the tutorials in parts,where by The first set parts maybe free versions while the other latter parts maybe used for Monetization.

Another way is to do everything freely and end it with Certificate Issues,where by you ask your audience to pay for certificates so that they will certified bin that field.

How To Get Started

You can use any of the social media platforms that suite you.




Google Classroom

Google Meet

No.9 Through Audience Donations.

In as much as you are on a mission to Monetize your blog or website,You can ask for donations from your audience in any mannered ways.


With these 9 ways, you can monetize your blog or website and start making money from your blog.

Feel free to comment if there is any other way you think is effective in monetizing a blog or website.

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