Fiqh Tutorial – Beginning

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

We thank Allah for given us the opportunity to start this tutorial and we pray to make us end it well and make it beneficial to all mankind bi idnihi – Ta ‘alaa.

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will teach you basic aspects of Islamic rulings (Al-fiqh). The basic ways of Islamic worships and the correct way to do purification, prayer, fasting, arm’s giving and pilgrimage.

You will learn all things concerning Islamic jurisprudence right from scratch [At-tohaaroh (Purification)] and you will be able to understand and perform your worship in a way that pleased Allah – your creator.

Note: We will be quoting from Al-Quran and sound Ahadeeth so as to serve as evidences and interpret Quran and Hadith in accordance with the understanding of the Sohaabah and rightous scholars. Also all the sources of the evidences will be stated accordingly.

Tutorial Prerequisite

It is recommended to have purified your heart and ready to make use of all that concerns the correct way of worship. This tutorial is totally meant for beginners who are just starting out to understand Islam and its rules.

As you know its good to know how to pronounce, read and write Arabic letters so that it will be easy to understand this course quickly.

The followings are basic things you should have know before taking this tutorial:

  1. You should be able to identify Arabic letters.
  2. You should be able to know how to read and pronounce Arabic letter correctly .
  3. Recommended to know how to read Al-Quran.
  4. Ready to spend your time learning and practice what you learn.

Note: This course is only on the basic part of Fiqh because it’s meant for beginners but if your are an advanced learner, you can take look on our tutorial on Usuul-Fiqh.

We implore you to take and read this tutorial as arranged, so that you will not leave any topic or lesson untouched.

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